Caviar ‘bumps’ - this year’s hottest trend that's here to stay!

Caviar ‘bumps’ - this year’s hottest trend that's here to stay!
Image Credit:  The New York Times.
The cult-sensation of doing a bump of caviar off your hand is becoming a real thing in many a bar & restaurant across Australia.  The hashtag #caviarbumps has over 1.7 billion views on TikTok, meanwhile Instagram has seen more than 1.5K tagged posts.   
But what is a caviar bump and why are they the best way to enjoy your ANNA Dutch Caviar?

Caviar has long stood as an opulent starter; a powerful umami mixture of salty rich flavour, and a bump is the perfect way to undertake proceedings—enough to awake the palette and leave you wanting for more. 

The much more sophisticated caviar bump is generally around a tablespoon's worth, served directly onto your hand (preferably using a mother of pearl spoon) in the crevice between your thumb and forefinger.  If you let the caviar warm-up for 20-30 seconds, it will be much more flavourful. 

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