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My Caviar collaborates with the world's finest caviar producers. My Caviar is committed to sourcing sustainable caviar of the highest quality. We are proud to partner with ANNA Dutch Caviar. Top quality caviar, produced with passion, knowledge and craftsmanship that have been passed on from generation to generation in a famous family of the classic Caspian caviar industry .
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Caviar That You Will Love

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Osetra Caviar
The Osetra sturgeon is the most interesting of the sturgeon, as it has the widest variety of eggs in terms of size, colour and taste.
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Classic Caviar
The Siberian sturgeon is the simplest of the sturgeon, providing a caviar that is delicate in taste.
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Wild Red Salmon Caviar

Our Canadian Wild Roe is from the CHUM (Keta) salmon caught in the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean along British Columbia's southern coast.
Oceanwise Certified, the quality, taste and nutritional value of our Wild Keta Caviar far exceeds any Farmed (Atlantic) Salmon, Ocean Caught (another word for Farmed) or even Wild Caught (Hatchery).

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Caviar Tasting

Adding caviar to your event is a surefire way to make it a hit. But not everyone has a background in eating this delicacy, and you don’t want such an important food to be wasted with the wrong etiquette. That’s where we can help. Not only do we provide the freshest, most flavourful local caviar, but we can be your guests’ ambassadors into the world of caviar tasting, too.

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