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Organic sturgeons are grown with care, 100% chemical-free. We ensure that the future of humanity is all about health and diet with great food. We supply the best sturgeon caviar in Australia. 
We are proud to say that we offer the best and most delicious osetra caviar. Zero preservatives are added during the caviar processing. 
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Salmon Caviar that is simply the best…

Grown & hand milked in Australia, Victoria, Yarra Valley

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What makes our caviar special ?

Organic caviar is born with care and is 100% chemical free with zero added preservatives. Our sturgeons are grown in the cleanest waters of the Rio Negro.

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birds eye view of our Sturgeon Caviar farm

Black Caviar

The waters of Rio Negro in South America contain some of the purest waters that flow from Brazil to the Uruguay River. These pristine waters create fertile soil and fresh air that combine to produce the highest quality Polanco sturgeon in the local sturgeon farm of Estuario del Plata.

The Rio Negro has everything in its environment and ecosystem necessary to encourage the growth of these specialised fish. The habitat is cold in the winter and moderate in the summer, just what sturgeons need to thrive and spawn more of the highest quality Polanco caviar.

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Our Process

We take highest care and attention to ensure that nothing but the best produce comes out of our farm

Organic Farming

Our farm is producing 30% of the total world volume of caviar

Processing & Packaging

Our super fast processing recipe and highest quality control gives you  the best-tasting caviar


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Red Caviar from Victoria

Some of the best red caviar in the world is sourced from the Yarra Valley at the base of the freshwater Rubicon River. These salmon are grown and exported as Yarra Valley Caviar from Victoria in Australia. 

The Yarra Valley Caviar farm is the only area in Australia that produces humane Atlantic Salmon. The fish sourced from this region, including Rainbow Trout and Brook Trout, have been naturally treated at every stage from rearing to extracting the roe for consumption. 

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We specialise in caviar and have some of the best farms in rural Victorua and proudly represent Polanco caviar in Australia.

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