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Caviar Tasting

Adding caviar to your event is a surefire way to make it a hit. But not everyone has a background in eating this delicacy, and you don’t want such an important food to be wasted with the wrong etiquette.

That’s where we can help. Not only do we provide the freshest, most flavourful local caviar, but we can be your guests’ ambassadors into the world of caviar tasting, too.

In this role, we take your event to the next level, diversifying it into a high-class affair with caviar tasting, an informative history of roe, and instructions and tips on how to eat yours correctly. We’ll offer advice on the best ways to pair your caviar with other foods and beverages and methods to eat it like a pro for the ultimate experience.

Whether you’re hosting a wedding, birthday, private party, yacht trip, corporate event, or other get-together, we’re ready to diversify your event and make it stand out. We can also work with your caterer to add caviar to the menu.

Don’t forget that caviar is an indulgent and memorable gift! Send our fresh black or red caviar as a welcome to guests at your hotel, add it as a special part of a luxury helicopter or yacht ride, or give it as a thank-you to your business clients and special guests.

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