Everything you need to know about storing your caviar

How to store your ANNA Dutch caviar at home

My Caviar has curated a collection of caviar sourced from all over the world.  Unlike many other caviar retailers, our caviar is always packed at source. This means we do not repack, ensuring the integrity of your caviar and also extending it’s shelf life. 

We often joke that our caviar travels first class, arriving in Sydney onboard Emirates, chilled to perfection for the entire flight.  The temperature of the shipment is recorded & tracked throughout every stage of transit.

The same level of care & diligence is applied in delivering the caviar to your doorstep.  But once you have the caviar at home, how best can you store your delicious investment?   Because caviar is highly delicate and perishable, you should handle this culinary gem with the utmost care. Here are some simple steps you can take to improve its shelf life without diminishing quality.


  • Your ANNA Dutch Caviar should be stored just around freezing point but not fully frozen. Anywhere between 0 to -2 degrees Celsius is ideal.  Most household refrigerators won’t reach this temperature, so determine the coldest area of your refrigerator and designate it as your caviar storage spot.
  • Take care to store your caviar on a flat surface with the lid facing upwards as caviar contains natural oil which is required to be evenly distributed in the tin.
  • Check the sell-by date, which can be found on the underside of your caviar tin, this will advise you of the shelf life for the product.


  • Remove your caviar from the fridge about 10 minutes for the optimum flavour.   Just before serving, remove the lid.
  • Putting the container on crushed ice will help prolong the caviar's freshness, especially if you aren’t planning on eating it immediately or serving it as part of a grazing board.


  • If there is any caviar left after the initial serving, replace the lid tightly after use and return to the coldest part of your fridge and consume within 2 days.

And finally!  Don’t be tempted to store your caviar in the freezer, as this will destroy its delicate texture and the texture of the roe. However, if by chance your caviar has been frozen, very slowly return it to a thawed state by keeping it in the refrigerator over ice for a day or two.



Storing your caviar in a Veuve Clicquot x SMEG fridge is not mandatory ... but just imagine ...

How To Store Your Caviar At Home