Frozen Black Truffles: The Best Solution

Frozen Black Truffles: The Best Solution

Frozen Black Truffles

The black truffle, also known as périgord truffle, is native to Southern Europe. It is in season between the months of November and March. It is the second most expensive type of truffle and is one of the most revered edible mushrooms we have. 

Due to its rich flavor and aroma, it is very popular. Like chefs, you can use them to enhance the flavor of meat, cheese, soup, and more. Their aroma is the main reason they’re loved. Their scent consists of strawberries, dried fruit, and even a hint of cocoa. When heated, their aroma becomes more intense and enjoyable.

France is the leading producer of black truffles; they take over a whopping 45% of all black truffle production worldwide. They are followed by Spain and Italy with 35% and 20% respectively. Several thousand acres worldwide are dedicated to black truffles, which leads to such production. As of 2010, even countries that don’t grow them naturally are starting to produce them en mass as well, leading to an ever-growing market and value.

If they sound amazing, it’s because they are!

During wintertime, there are many places where they are considered trendy at many restaurants. As a product of this, the market for black truffles has grown exponentially. Along with this comes the problem of wanting these delicacies only available during winter. However, there is a solution to craving these delicacies during other times of the year. The best way to preserve the taste and aroma of truffles for when they aren’t in season is to freeze them, and we do precisely that. 

Frozen Black Truffles: The Best Solution

Cooking with frozen black truffles allows even the most inexperienced cook to produce something sure to impress. Frozen black truffles are one of the products most in demand by restaurants. It is an ideal product for those that want to continue to include black truffle in their daily menus, even during the months when the fresh black truffle is unavailable.

When cooking with our frozen truffles, you can slice off only what you need, putting the rest back in the freezer for later usage. These slices can be used with hot dishes as an excellent side ingredient. When paired with such a meal, the slices will reach their ideal temperature within a few minutes.

The taste and smell of each slice are enough to round off a complex, ideally (or even simple) dish. And they’re easy to store, as they take up very little space.

If you’re in the mood for black truffles when they aren't available, frozen black truffles are definitely the way to go. The taste, texture, smell, and overall quality of a black truffle that is in season are unachievable during other months, but frozen black truffles are, in fact, the best alternative.