Got Gold? Black Gold, That Is

Got Gold? Black Gold, That Is

Got Gold? Black Gold, That Is

The ultimate luxury item is not a jet plane. It’s not a yacht, and its not a car. It’s a tiny little edible delicacy called caviar.

Also known as “black gold,” caviar is what you serve when you want to make an impression on your guests. But caviar can be tricky. It’s got to be the top of the line quality if you want to look good, which is where Kaluga Queen farms comes in.

Caviar sourced from Kaluga Queen and sold by our site, MyCaviar, in Australia is served on world famous airlines. It’s offered in nearly thirty Michelin-star restaurants in both the EU and US.

And, is if that wasn’t prestigious enough to show off the top quality of Kaluga Queen, our caviar had the distinctive honor of being served to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A Little Caviar Knowledge for You

Sturgeon are one of the few remaining animals from the Cretaceous period that still look similar to how they were 120 million years ago. The eggs of the sturgeon are your typical caviar, but there are 26 different species of this fish, and not all of them make high quality products.

Caviar has been a delicacy of kings and aristocrats long before other fancy food and drink appeared on the scene. With these little black eggs served as the favorite of ancient Greeks and Romans, we’ve had time to perfect the system.

An easy way to know what kind of caviar you are getting is to look for the size and color. The best caviars are actually not black. They’re a lighter color, and the eggs are larger, meaning the fish have had more time to grow them.

And it sounds a little “fishy,” but if you’re a caviar expert, you’ll know how to listen for the higher quality stuff. Yes, good caviar, when it is being packed, creates a purring sound from the friction of the eggs rubbing together.

How Our Caviar is Sourced

Kaluga Queen farms our sturgeons at Qiandao Lake. This freshwater, man-made lake has been around since 1959, and the caviar processing facility opened in 2005.

Since then, you’ll find 50,000 sturgeons of five different species swimming around the lake at any given time. This gives the farm the opportunity to let the sturgeons mature fully before sending them for processing.

The top-rated, finest caviar is sourced from the beluga species of sturgeon, and that’s what is offered at MyCaviar in Australia. We ship to you with temperature-controlled packaging, or you can stop by our Sydney office and pick yours up today!