How to make your truffle oil yourself?

How to make your truffle oil yourself?

When it comes to truffles, it can be hard to separate the myths from the facts. A lot of the realities behind truffles can depend on where they’re sourced from. But there’s one rumor that we can guarantee is true: Most truffle oil doesn’t come from truffles.


Yes, that’s right. That truffle oil you’re using is likely made from a chemical produced in a lab. It’s designed to smell and taste like too-strong truffles using synthetic 2, 4-dithiapentane.

This solution is what some people think they have to use because of the short shelf-life of real truffles. But if you make your truffle oil yourself, you can skip the fake ingredients and harsh chemicals that make the oil distracting to the rest of the meal.

Using a few basic kitchen ingredients, you’ll have your own high-quality truffle oil. Grab Australian or Italian olive oil and fresh black truffles and combine them. Let them steep on the counter for one week. Strain them, and keep the liquid as oil. It can be stored for as long as one month.

If you’ve only used synthetic truffle oil before, you’ll instantly see a difference. The aroma and flavors of true truffle oil, made by you, are strong enough to enhance your dish, but not so strong that they ruin the taste.

Remember, a little bit of truffle oil is bold enough to go a long way. Try using truffle oil in these different and unique ways:

  • Drizzle oil on your popcorn for added, healthy flavor
  • Swap out the oil in your egg recipe with truffle oil.
  • Add a little oil to your soup for extra flavor and warmth.
  • Make your pasta dish as usual, then sprinkle some truffle oil on top.
  • Roast your potatoes in the oven, then brush truffle oil across the side for a rich flavor.
  • However you prefer your vegetables, toss them in truffle oil.
  • Mix the truffle oil in your hummus, then eat with your favorite dipping veggie.
  • Use truffle oil to add flavor to your fish.
  • Skip the garlic bread and start using truffle oil as your preferred bread seasoning.
  • Truffle french fries are all the rage in many restaurants around the world. Make your own at home for better taste and less cost.
  • Your new favorite pizza can be mushroom truffles. Mix a little oil in the sauce and spread it on the dough. Then, shave some of the truffles and sprinkle them across the top.