Osetra vs Baerri – Which Caviar is Better?

Osetra vs Baerri – Which Caviar is Better?

Choosing the best caviar isn’t always a matter of looking at the price. You have to know what you’re looking for in flavour and value, which means you need to get to know each type of caviar. 

Two of the most popular sturgeon caviar species in the world are the Osetra and the Baerri. You can’t go wrong with either, but which one is the one you need right now?

Both types are a decadent experience for your palate, with bursts of flavour to enhance any dining experience. But if you have to choose between the two, here is everything you should know about Osetra and Baerri to make your decision easier.

Osetra Russian Sturgeon

osetra caviar

Osetra is consistently ranked in the top three caviars, no matter which factor you’re looking at. The incredibly diverse taste, size, and colour makes each time you bite into an Osetra bead a different experience. 

This Russian Sturgeon takes seven years to grow to its full potential. The long wait ensures that each bead gives you a creamy, nutty flavour with a bigger pop than other caviar types. 

Osetra sturgeons are known to adapt to the changes in their environment. These adaptations are seen and tasted in their eggs, so where you source your Osetra from makes a difference. If you’re looking for the same flavour you had before, you need to purchase your caviar from the same region.

The roe from Osetra sturgeons are consistently small and firm. The colour will range from glistening golden shades to a more earthy brown hue. Because there are so many variables in the Osetra eggs, you get a rich and distinctive flavour assortment.

Caviar extraction from Osetra Russian Sturgeons has been a stable, steadily growing industry. Originally, these fish were only farmed in the Amur River, flowing between Russia and China. Now, you can find Russian Sturgeons in habitats everywhere because they are highly adaptable.

Osetra’s fresh, fruity, and nutty flavour makes it the popular choice to pair with champagne.

Baerri Siberian Sturgeon (Classic)

Baerri caviar comes from the Siberian sturgeon species. It’s not as common as the Russian Osetra, but it’s highly preferred by those who have indulged in its flavourful roe.

The Baerri Siberian Sturgeon takes four years to mature enough to harvest its eggs. Once harvested, the roe is smaller than many other types of caviar and black in colour. 

The Siberian sturgeon’s caviar is known for its sweet and fruity flavour. Since the eggs are dainty and pearl-sized, this caviar is used frequently at events where visual elegance is the goal. Its delicate texture and mild flavouring make Baerri caviar a favourite for beginners through to connoisseurs. 

Farm-raised Baerri Siberian caviar has a strong, powerful salinity that is complemented by its nutty, fruity flavour. Because it’s a mild, sweet roe, it’s frequently paired with herbal and zesty wines that help intensify the caviar’s natural flavour.

Choose One or Both, You Can’t Go Wrong!

Now that you know more about these these caviar types, the final decision of whether you order Osetra or Baerri is up to you. Why not try them both and choose your favourite with your own taste buds?

As with all caviars, whichever brand you choose should be kept refrigerated at all times and will be optimal if used within four to six weeks. Once you open your caviar, be sure to consume it within three days.