Tricks to Opening a Caviar Tin

Tricks to Opening a Caviar Tin

The first time you get that little tin can of delectable caviar, there’s a mix of emotions racing through your veins. The first one is excitement: You have the delicious flavor of caviar ready to eat!

But that excited feeling is quickly followed by a tinge of frustration. How in the world do you open the tin?

Caviar tins are unique. They don’t operate like your typical aluminum can, and there aren’t directions on them to guide you. Yet, caviar and class go together, so there must be a proper way to gracefully open a tin of roe, right?

Yes, there is. We’ll walk you through the reasons caviar is packaged in this specific (although frustrating) way and how to master opening the tin like a pro to impress everyone around you.

The Reason for Caviar Packaging

Caviar tins are complicated to open on purpose. This specific type of packaging ensures that you get the high-quality, fresh goods you’re paying for.

Because caviar requires substantial planning and work to produce, it makes sense that those involved in the process want it to stay fresh. Wild sturgeon are rarely used, so aquaculture operations are the norm. This method takes a lot of high-tech machinery and skilled workers to take the fish from egg to adult.

Keeping the caviar tightly (but gently) packed in the tin ensures the eggs aren’t exposed to air or debris. They stay the high-quality roe they started out as when they were extracted, and you get to enjoy this freshness. The sooner you eat your caviar after you open the tin, the better it tastes.

One more thing — caviar is packaged the way it is because that’s how it has always been done. Caviar producers use the traditional utensils, accessories, and storage processes they have had for centuries. There’s a reason caviar is sought after and considered a delicacy, so why change what is already working?

So, since the tin isn’t likely to change any time soon, you can take a few minutes to learn how to open it and begin the path to becoming a caviar aficionado.

Opening Your Caviar Tin

You’ve ordered your Australia caviar and are practically drooling with excitement. Now, it’s time to use one of these tricks to open your can:

  • Use regular household items, like a clean butter knife or bottle opener, to peel the lip back. Add pressure and pry for a few seconds, and the seal will pop open.
  • Invest in a caviar key made especially for opening caviar tins. It makes it quick and simple to open your tin, and you’ll look impressive in front of your guests.

You may receive a tin that pops open with a twist, but some require more pressure and a slow, cautious release of air. In those tins, be sure to tap it lightly before you begin opening the seal to adjust the internal pressure and prevent a caviar explosion.

What Not To Do When Opening Your Tin of Caviar

Some tricks work for other cans and jars but not for the delicate job of opening a caviar tin. Never run your caviar under warm water to speed up the process, or hit it against anything. Caviar must be treated like the indulgent luxury it is.

Let your tin come to room temperature, then use the above tips to open it. You may have to wait a little while for your first taste, but you’ll enjoy it much better. 

Remember to open your caviar right before you eat it and not let it sit out. If you do need to store it after opening, try to re-seal the tin as tightly as possible, then store it in the corner of your fridge where it’s coldest. Don’t put it in the freezer, but keep it as cold as possible.

After you open the seal, finish your caviar within 48 hours. Otherwise, you’ll lose the flavor and texture. 

Start With the Best Caviar Possible

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