Wine & Red Caviar: The Perfect Pairing Guide

Wine & Red Caviar:  The Perfect Pairing Guide
Before we dive into wine pairings, it's important to understand the unique flavour of the Wild Red Salmon Roe.  Its bitterness is balanced by the natural taste of salmon, bringing out the salty sweetness of the sea with every bite.  The texture is delicate, with each individual egg popping in your mouth.  Despite not being a caviar, the roe is often referred to as 'red caviar' on account of the many delicious similarities it shares.  And you'll note, the philosophy behind the wine pairings follows the same theme.


White Wine.

When it comes to pairing red caviar with wine, white wine is the signature choice. A dry, crisp white wine like Chablis, Champagne or Blanc de Blanc will complement the brininess of the caviar while cleansing the palate between bites. If you prefer a sweeter white wine, try pairing with a Riesling or Moscato.  We'd recommend avoiding those oaked Chardonnays, as the clash of oak & saltiness is overwhelming.  

Red Wine. 

While white wine is the classic choice for pairing with red caviar, the cooler winter months might have you red lovers instinctively reaching for your favourite warming vino. Not a classic pairing with caviar, due to the dominant features of the red palette, the slightly more robust flavours of the salmon roe means it can hold it’s own – if you choose the right red! Try to pick light-bodied types that will give chance to the red caviar to reveal its characteristics, think a Pinot Noir or a Gamay. The key is to choose a red wine that is not too tannic or heavy, it’s all about the fine art of balance.


Sake, or Japanese rice wine, is one of our favourite pairings with red caviar or Ikura. When served cold, sake has a rather mild flavour allowing the roe to take centre stage.

Our Mantra.

Whether you opt for a chilled sake, white wine or a more risky red, you really can’t go wrong. Even beginners can find a beautiful pairing and develop their palette as they continue their caviar tasting. The enjoyment really is in the journey, so have fun with it!