The Right Way to Enjoy Your Caviar Delight

The Right Way to Enjoy Your Caviar Delight

When you buy caviar, you invest in food considered a delicacy worldwide. Whether it’s osetra caviar, sturgeon caviar, or salmon caviar, you’re going to enjoy the meal — as long as you eat it right.

Yes, there’s assuredly a right and wrong way to indulge in this decadent treat.

Don’t get us wrong. Caviar is a rich, tasty food no matter how you prepare and eat it. But there are some expert-recommended, tried and true methods that make every bite a delicious experience you won’t forget any time soon. 

For the price of caviar, you want to ensure you’re getting every taste of each egg’s flavor profile. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your first (and every) caviar bite.

Proper Formation of Your Fingers

While it’s important to buy red or black caviar from a reputable dealer, once you get it on your plate, you can’t use silverware or your fingers to get the full flavor.

Your brain registers the metal of the fork or spoon as having its own taste and texture. And your hands, especially your fingers, are full of germs and a salty flavor. So, how can you accurately enjoy your fish roe?

Experts say to use a spoon to place them on the back of your hand, specifically in the soft spot between the thumb and index finger. Then, taste the caviar from that location.

Indulging in Caviar With Class

Caviar in Australia is an indulgence few get to enjoy. The caviar cost deters many people, yet, those who try it understand the right purchase is worth every penny.

But wait! 

You know how to set your roe up for the best taste now. However, true caviar etiquette breaks this down even further. When you find caviar for sale, use these steps to savor the flavor.

  • Buy from a reputable shop. 

  • You can buy caviar in Sydney or other major cities in Australia. As you shop, though, keep in mind that not all products are of the same quality. Caviar price is a consideration for most people, but to buy black or red caviar based solely on that factor is dangerous. You could be buying low-quality fish roe that isn’t worth the “cheap” price you got them for.

    Instead, shop for caviar in Melbourne or Sydney from reputable shops like myCaviar, where your product is guaranteed to be fresh and of the highest quality. You don’t even have to leave your house to buy caviar in Sydney and the surrounding areas. You can have it delivered fresh and straight to your door.

  • Place it on your hand.

  • There are special caviar spoons that you can use to pull the roe out of the dish and place them on the back of your hand, as described above. You only need about 3-5 grams per tasting. 

  • Inhale the aroma.

  • Don’t eat your caviar immediately. Give it a few seconds on your hand to absorb the warmth. As caviar gradually warms, the scent molecules evaporate, and you get the true fragrance. It should not smell fishy at all, but it should bring to mind the sea.

  • Taste the caviar.

  • Finally, you have the aroma in your nostrils, and you’re ready to taste the flavor. Slide the roe into your mouth and let them roll around your tongue and palate. The tender smoothness adds to the flavor, and you’ll notice the incredible variety of intense flavors when you bite.

    With these simple steps, you not only look like a caviar aficionado, but you get the cleanest, most flavorful bursts of roe in your mouth.

    Still, if you’re in a place where you don’t want to eat from your hand, the best way to enjoy caviar without any other flavors to distract from it is to eat it on a plain buckwheat blini. Paired with a dry, sparkling wine to enhance the aroma, there’s nothing quite like that first savory taste of caviar.